Humming sound using audio mixer to computer?

Question by ???: Humming sound using audio mixer to computer?
I am using a 10ch Behringer mixer to stream amateur radio online. I have the amateur radio hooked to the mixer and the mixer hooked to a computer. I am hearing a low humming sound. Sounds like a 60Hz hum. It only makes the sound when the ham radio is turned on. I am using a 1/8" to 1/4" audio cable. What could be causing the hum and how can I get rid of it?

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Answer by Daniel K
This is a common problem with interfacing with mixers. The first thing to try is a new cable. Is the output jack on the radio mono? If so, you should be using a mono 1/8 in connector and a mono 1/4 inch connector on the other end. You can try plugging both the radio and the mixer into the same outlet. You can try lifting the ground on either the radio or the mixer by using a two to three prong AC adapter. You can try getting a "direct box" or some other type of audio isolation transformer.

60 hz humms are common in audio and sometimes are very hard to track down. You sometimes have to try everything. They are sometimes caused by an impedance mismatch between two pieces of equipment and they are sometimes caused by a different ground potential between two pieces of equipment.

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