Do people still use Citizens Band Radio?

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Question by Kevin: Do people still use Citizens Band Radio?
Hi there I'm based in Essex UK
I decided to dig out all my radio equipment after seeing a few CB radio's on ebay.
I have set one radio up to see if I pick up anything witch I did get somebody keying up with music on in the back round for a good 4 minute's but not much else. I do remember the CB frequency going completely dead a few years ago so I packed up my set up a put it in a box in the attic in 2008

Tomorrow I will be doing a proper setup with a set of boots, and if I get no joy I think that I'm going to either put them on ebay or strip them all down for their components.

I have about 70 CB Radio's all together most of them are vintage.
Are they worth anything as I have some very rare ones?

If anyone could help that would be great

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Answer by Spaced Frehley
i love CB radio! I use mine primarily for storm chasing and on long trips to find out what the traffic is or will be ahead of me. Lot of idiots on CB, but also, a lot of quality conversation: you just have to be patient. Talking on CB to truckers on long hall can also make their day. Again, not all people are quality, but stay tuned and you will find some that are.

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