Q&A: How to put an external antenna on my short wave radio?

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Question by Sean Gregory: How to put an external antenna on my short wave radio?
I just bought a world band radio with fm/am/sw. It has tge standard whip aerial but they’re no good for sw it turns out. It has an external antenna plug at the back. It’s a coaxial F mount. I want to be able to buy or make myself an antenna that will work. I’ve heard all about dipole and longwave wires and stringing wire in your ceiling etc. Problem is, everyone keeps using technical mumbo jumbo that nobody understands and I just need it simply put. Im happy to stretch some line in the back yard but I need some advice on wire gauge, how to attach the wire/s to the F mount, if (with the F mount) it needs to be earthed at all, even though the radio is earthed through mains power, also if i should use coaxial cable at all and if ohms are important. Im looking at spending anywhere from a few bucks to $ 100. But thats pushing it a bit.

IJust want to hear something at all. Right now all I’ve heare is 3 stations and 2 frequencies with beeps. I expect a bit more from a $ 129 radio.

Ask me for details if you need more. Cheers.
Thanks for those links Daniel. I have one of those brands that only one store sells but is rebadged and sold in other places. It is a Digitech AR-1748. Here’s the link for one with details of features.

I just want a simple explanation of a few examples from someone who has done it, for the layman. I fear those books would assume the buyer already knows his electrical terminology, which I don’t.

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Answer by Daniel K
Good books on antennas:

Usually the whip antenna works pretty well for the higher frequency stations.

What type of radio do you have?

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