recommendation for amateur radio transciever?

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Question by omega223344: recommendation for amateur radio transciever?
I'm a newbie to the amateur radio equipments... i know morse, and theory... thats all, now planning to buy a transciever. i see lot of frequencies, and power from 1W to 100W... someone plz give me a recommendation for an equipment... my budget rance is around $ 200

I am looking for long distance transmissions, and plan to use it when going to jungle and all.

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Answer by billcroghan
You did not indicate what class of license you hold. For long range, from the jungle you will need HF radios. Not likely to find anything new around 200 dollars, but the 10 year older solid state rigs sometimes go for that price. I'm still using my 12 year old Yaesu 757. that model goes for about $ 300 on ebay .

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