Socialhams – elite network for ham radio operators

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Socialhams is an elite network for ham radio operators. It combines features known from typical social networks with ham related ones. To join socialhams all you need is a valid email address and obviously a ham radio callsign. It’s as simple as that!

As registered member of socialhams, i.e. after you join the elite network for ham radio operators, you can freely meet like-minded people as well as join any Chat, Blogs, Forums, Polls, Groups, and Events, that you choose.

Besides, you can download our free Desktop App and enjoy communication with your fellow site members, without even having to open your browser. While our second application, the iPhone App, allows you to browse profiles, watch photos and videos, listen to shared music, upload photos, send mail, and lots more. All from your iPhone! And if you have an Android-powered device, our Android App lets you use socialhams while on the go, right from your own handset.

You can meet people; chat online; check our top rated, featured items; read about popular topics; wish someone special on his/her birthday; match your interests; and even take advantage of our elaborate people search option. You will also find three unique Modules: the APRS Map, DX Cluster, and NCDXF Beacon; in addition to Blogs, Posts and Tags. Our Forums and Groups rank among some of the best choices available on the net. Events, News, Polls, Photos, Videos, Sounds, Files, and Sites, will keep you captivated for hours on end.

In our Feedback section, you can post your questions, comments, regards, etc. without any restrictions. Of course, you must strictly avoid obscenity, rude language, and abide by terms of socialhams.

To cater for a wider ham radio community, all our features are offered in both English as well as German.

Repeat your search with ‘Yahoo groups’ as well as other search engines. Most of these groups usually require you to request permission for joining them. You can obtain this permission fairly quickly, maybe just a few hours to some days, depending on the moderator and the time devoted by him in moderating this group. You can also include a note regarding yourself and the reasons for your interest in joining the group, which will help in ensuring your approval.

To enjoy the unique socialhams experience, all you need to do is sign up and simply relax!