Transceiver Cisco ? Benefits of New Age Cisco Transceivers

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For the ones willing to effectively set up a gigabit Ethernet connection or fiber channel within their own network, Cisco Transceivers ranks “numero uno” for them. Owing to the diverse range of benefits and utilities they have the term “effective” is used in a broad sense here. In the recent past, there have been several companies and service providers dealing in Cisco transceivers offering value added and quality products that cater to the needs of individuals as well as organizations.

However, one wonders the advantages and benefits of using a these transceiver over others. The list is wide, but some of the essential benefits are as follows:-

Scalability is one of the greatest attributes. For the ones who are not very well aware of scalability, it would mean the potential or inherent capacity to rise beyond eight channels on one stand. This makes it easier to organize and manage a network.

While mulling on making things easy, these transceivers makes the configuration easy and simple too. Configuration can result in the depletion of resources when an excess amount of time is consumed in carrying out the process. The resources here can be in the form of any monetary expense or even personnel. Hence, with Cisco transceivers you can save your resources as well as the cost, which is beneficial in the end.

Eminent brands offering transceivers with Cisco technology to users and customers have priced them at an affordable range. This is one of the vital benefits owing to the fact that most businesses would have a restricted budget to work on. However, the product quality is not compromise despite the low price. Given below are some of the product variants of Cisco transceivers and their core features :-

Multi-Mode Fiber


850 nm Wavelength

Duplex SC Connector Interface

Connects to Multi-Mode Fiber (MMF)

Single-Mode Fiber


1550 nm Wavelength

Duplex SC Connector Interface

Connects to Single-Mode Fiber (SMF)

Customer feedback suggests this industry with its new age products in presently in an emerging state. At the same time, the products are eco friendly and do not contribute to any wasteful practices. Hence, in its daily operations it results in both environmental and customer benefit.