What mobile antenna should I get for ham radio?

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Question by Geoffrey: What mobile antenna should I get for ham radio?
I just passed my tech exam a few hours ago and I need a good dual band mobile antenna. It needs to be telescopic or collapsible so that I can fit it in my luggage as I will travel with it for a project I am doing with a friend. It also needs to be compatible with or come with a magnetic mount as I can't drill holes in my car or his.

Any help is appreciated,


Geoffrey Parker

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Answer by Russ
I don't remember what the brand is of mine, bought my dual band antenna off of an ebay store for $ 19. It is Magnet mount, and small enough to fit into a carry on bag. No need for telescopic or collapsible with a dual band, they are pretty small already. It works great with my handheld dual band Quansheng TG-UV2 radio.

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