What would be the best way to get into HAM radio operation?

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Question by Chris Walrath: What would be the best way to get into HAM radio operation?
This is something I have wanted to get into for a few years now. And I have recently discovered that I might be able to do so without sinking a fortune into it to begin with.

I already have a shortwaye radio and have been listening occasionally. So I am somewhat familiar with frequencies and such. I have been really cruising the sites lately and even began to check out a couple videos on YouTube. I saw a video that showed a guy who has been using a Yaesu 2900. Looks kind of like a CB. These are going for around $ 170. I would need to be able to set one up in my truck. I might even want a separate unit for the home.

So, roughly what am I looking at here? I know I need a license. Gear, antenna.

Does anyone have some good informational links that I simply have not found yet.

I appreciate all the help in advance, folks. Thank you.

Best answer:

Answer by spacemissing
The best thing to do is visit a meeting of a local amateur radio club
and tell the group that you want to get in on the fun.

You will probably get more help than you need,
but that's a lot better than not getting enough.

Also see w6nbc.com for some info on John Portune's
"license in one day" sessions
(other amateurs offer similar programs).

The Technician license doesn't offer much in the way of HF (shortwave) privileges,
and most Techs seem to stick to 2 meters and 70 cm (440)
for the simplicity and affordability of equipment and antennas.

To do something meaningful on HF, upgrade at least to General.
I've already done that, and hope to eventually top it all off with an Extra.


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