Call Logging – Seven Business Benefits

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Call logging or voice logging or call recording systems can either be integrated on a PABX (Private Automatic Branch Exchange) system or can be a third party application. You must get call recording solutions as per the legal requirements of your country. Choose a call logging solution that meets all your requirements and fits your budget too. Let us examine in details the top seven benefits that a business can gain by using call logging software and IP Phone.

Controlling and Improving Quality: Recorded telephone calls can help to detect errors and correct mistakes before they turn out to be costly ones. For instance, you can check recorded calls to see if a call centre employee had mistyped product details or customer information. Verifying data can save money for the company and provide a higher level of customer satisfaction.

Increased Security and Compliance to Company Policies: A business may need to record calls for a number of reasons, which include checking whether employees are complying with the accepted company standards or not. Voice logging software used on company phone lines or a telephone recorder can easily trace employees misusing their access to company telephones. Thus, recorded calls act as evidence of inappropriate behavior and can safeguard your company against security breaches.

Dispute Resolution: Call logging helps companies to reduce their liabilities and easily resolve disputes through recorded evidence. The evidence provided by a telephone recorder is completely unbiased. A recorded call cannot stop irate customers from filing lawsuits, but can help to cool them down with the help of recorded evidence.

Cost Control: Companies can control their expenses by keeping track of call costs, the cost bore by individual extensions and by each department in the company, and the cost of trunk lines. You can also use call logging software to check telephone frauds such as slamming and cramming by phone companies, and fraud against customers by third parties such as telemarketing and autodialing frauds.

Training and Performance Reviews: Trainers and managers can easily use recorded calls to train sales persons and help to improve their performance. Call center trainers can use the best customer call recordings to train new and current recruits to improve their performance. Similarly, poor performers can listen to the recordings of their calls to understand how they come across to customers. This helps them to understand what they need to improve in their calling skills.

Capacity Management: Voice logging software is very useful for analyzing whether a telecommunications system is underutilized or over utilized. A business can analyze call patterns and trunk usage data to find out whether expenses can be reduced and whether more capacity is necessary.

Sales and Marketing Data: The sales and marketing department of a company can use call logging and recording software to gather and analyze valuable information about the sales techniques that are working and those which are not. The success or failure of a marketing campaign can depend to a great extent upon how successfully the team is able to utilize the recorded information.

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