History of Icom’s Amateur Radio Technology

Icom Inc. has produced a nice PowerPoint compilation of all the great Amateur radio rigs that they have designed and manufactured over the years. We wanted to share it with you so here is an edited version that’s been converted to video format. Hope you enjoy it.



Buying Vintage Radios

If you are looking to purchase older ham radios here are a few good options. You’ll learn a little about the pros and cons of each.




Listen to Ham Radios Without A Radio

Listening to ham radios without a radio!

Amateur Radio Public Service Events


In this video, I share my lessons learned after working my first public service event. I’ll walk you through the event timeline, what worked well, what didn’t work well, and how this experience will inform how I prepare for the next wilderness public service event.



The sixteen counties of the Northeast Wisconsin Public Safety Communications group (NEWCOM) hosted mobile communications equipment from around the region and the state at Marathon County Park (Marathon County, City of Wausau). In this video we take a tour of some of the equipment and test the interoperability between different public safety agencies and amateur radio. Our ARES/RACES group participated in a public safety emergency communications drill.



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