Do I need a license to operate Icom F43GS radios?

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Question by xtreme762: Do I need a license to operate Icom F43GS radios?
Title says it all. Do I need an FCC or Ham license to operate an Icom F43GS radio?

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Answer by Wise0ldMan
Hi there

This radio was designed for commercial applications.
Even if it can cover frequencies that are allocated to VHF or UHF CB use it can not be used as it is not type approved for those services.

It may be used for Amateur radio use on the 2 meter and 70 cm bands if you are licensed , and you stay within the band limits.
This however would NOT be able to be used for Ham use in Australia.

For the price , I would consider other options that are more suitable for your application + remember operating transceivers without the correct license is a federal offence that incurs large fines.

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