ham radio call signs?

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Question by ?BobB?: ham radio call signs?
How can a guy hold a General Class, his vanity call is his initials, that’s OK.. but his old call was an Extra Class call (AD7xx) and his previous license class was TECHNICIAN.

Even if he was a tech or a general, and was in Hawaii, Alaska or one of the islands, he would have a 2×2 but not an ADx2

Did Alaska ever issue AD7xx to techs? KL’s yes, but not AD’s
John. email me. I cannot get your email address. 73 BobB

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Answer by whatever
This one is puzzling. I don’t know how that would be possible. The AD7xx is a new call-block. My call is AD7VH, so I know. This should not be possible at all, unless the FCC made a mistake. Since you are obviously a ham, look me up and email off from here.

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