Ham Radio Calling Frequencies According to Band-plan?

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Question by : Ham radio. Calling frequencies according to band-plan?
Whats the difference between qrp calling frequncies and dx calling frequncies ? I have a diamond cp6 which has very narrow bandwidth so i have to choose the right center frequency to tune it.
Is it more common someone to call cq at a specific calling frequency or at a random one?

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Answer by Geoff S
QRP calling frequencies are meant for QRP. QRP = low power, generally 5 watts or less. If you plan on running the typical 100W or QRO then I wouldn’t plan on centering the antenna on a QRP calling frequency. If you plan on trying to work DX or distant stations then you want to aim for the DX window. For HF, DX is going to mean someone overseas so you shouldn’t be rag chewing with someone 100 miles away inside the DX window as that’s frowned upon. Since radio privileges differ by country, the frequencies in which most countries have privileges to operate on are considered DX windows. This is usually a range rather than just one specific frequency. A calling frequency is usually just for calling CQ and then you’ll QSY to a nearby frequency to continue your QSO as to not tie up the calling frequency. I generally call CQ wherever I find an open space rather than going to a specific calling frequency. If the band’s open, someone will come back to you.

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