Ham Radio Calling Frequencies

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Question by john b: Ham radio. Calling frequencies?2?
Do ham’s operating on HF really use the calling frequencies shown in the band plans or they call CQ in random frequencies?

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Answer by william_byrnes2000
I wondered about the calling frequencies on HF. The only ones I saw were the AM calling frequencies on 75 and 40.

As a rule on HF, hams will call CQ anywhere, provided it is in the area provided for voice communication, if they are using SSB, and in the areas using CW or Data in the areas provided for those modes.

AM uses more bandwidth, so the area generally recommended is probably the wiser choice for that particular mode. Its the old rule of the fisherman, you go where they are biting, and if your fishing for an AM QSO, then use the part of the pond (band) where the AM guys are active.

On VHF, UHF and SHF, the specialized types of communication, like image, data, and VOiP, have niches of their own. A simplex signal can be used anywhere, but its best if you are not kerchunking the input of a repeater, or QRMing the output. Check your repeater guide and see where the repeaters in the area are found, and then avoid them, unless they are open machines, and you have your offset and PL tone ready to get better acquainted with your neighbors.
The offset frequencies and PL tones (if used) are in the directory, whether its found in the book, or in the online sources.

If you are using the simplex calling frequencies, and you make a contact, it would also be best for you two to QSY up or down 10 KHz or so, and continue your conversation. Its always possible that someone with a low HT battery is stuck in a ditch with no cell signal, and needs help.