Ham Radio Types?

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Question by benthebug: Ham Radio Types?
Hi! i am planning to get a ham radio very soon and i was wondering what kind of radio i should get. i made this nice room for all of my electronics so i probly would like a home base. but… i don’t really want to spend over $ 250 so what are my choices?

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Answer by Keith H
Welcome to ham radio! I’m assuming you just got your Technician license (like me), or are going to. For what it’s worth, as little as $ 130 would buy you a mobile 2-meter transceiver, or a handheld transceiver; either would be a good choice. This doesn’t, however, include an antenna, power supply, or SWR meter, which you probably would also need.

$ 250 may start you off, but don’t expect a fully operational shack unless you buy stuff used (or make the acquaintance of an “Elmer” who lends you some of his spare stuff).

Good luck in assembling your shack!

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