How To Pick up ham radio signals on a band scanner?

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Question by awilliamsburgchristmas: How To Pick up ham radio signals on a band scanner?
I have a Air and water radio band scanner. I want to be able to listen in to a certain HAM radio frequency. I know the scanner can get that freq. Because it gioes their with out a error. So will the scanner pickup HAM signals? Is their a freq. that people hang out on to test this?

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Answer by wd5gnr
Well there is a lot of activity in the 144MHz band (2 meters) in many areas. You might try listening to 146.52Mhz (FM) which is the national simplex calling frequency.

You can also monitor the output of repeaters. To find one in your area look below. There are repeaters in the 50Mhz, 220Mhz, and 440Mhz bands as well (plus others), although I don't know what your scanner will pick up.

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