How to stop interference from a cb radio?

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Question by kaykay2176: How to stop interference from a cb radio?
We have a neighbor that has a cb radio and he is interfeing with out television, computers, phones and so forth. We however contacted the FCC and our local authority but however got no response from the FCC cause they say its something our local authorities have to take care of. ANd the local authorities say its up to the FCC. Does anyone know how we can interfere the cb radio signals

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Answer by J. Charles
You need a Transmitting device of Some form(Maybe a Power generator-that is NOT magnetically shielded)
Turn that on near the Transmission point and that should do the trick!
Or a RF radio controlled remote unit(Like you can use with Model Aircraft-That generates a Lot of Interference!!
Alternatively,get a handheld CB and Key the Microphone when the neighbor is trying to talk!(Because you are so close,he will soon get fed up!)

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