Interesting Ham Radio Facts

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The original ham radio was distributed in the 1920’s. The first wireless set that came out in the early 1940’s boomed in sales as people could use it to communicate with each other in the way you would with a telephone or walkie talkie but with a longer range. Since then they have come a long way and people use them for many different reasons.

The ham radio is an inexpensive way to keep in touch with others who use the same radio frequency as yourself. They run on frequencies that are not being used by radio stations and emergency services. Although you can sometimes pick up those services on your ham radio it is illegal to listen in on such information.

Although there is a lot of technology available today, in emergency situations people are still reliant on ham radio’s. When more common and modern technology fails, this is still a reliable way to keep in touch. It is not hard to understand that many believed that ham radio would become insignificant with the growth of the internet but that was not the case.

Even though many people, as well as businesses, use the internet for e-mail, chat rooms, etc. to keep in touch, the ham radio has found it’s place in the modern world.

The way in which the frequencies work means that communication using live chat programs and applications will be much clearer than they would be without the technology of the ham radio. By combining both you are given quality communication options.

If you are like many people who are curious about how things work, then you can buy parts and kits which will enable you to build your own ham radio. Another useful benefit to these kits is that you will be able to know how to fix a simple problem should things go wrong.

The difference between a ham radio and a commercial radio is that a commercial radio, and the people who use them, do so in order to make money whereas the ham radio is not a profit making device. It is simply a way of communication once you have paid for the initial equipment.

In order to use a ham radio you will have to have a license. The benefit of having a ham radio means that you will have access to more frequencies which will mean you are able to communicate on a larger scale and with much better quality.

By choosing a ham radio product that has been going strong for almost a century rather than one that will be out of fashion in the next few months you’ll enjoy an interesting hobby and great method of communicating.

Wendy Racklave writes for N3OVO which has details of cheap ham radio equipment and used Yaesu ham radio gear.