Internet Radio Station is on the Air

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Fm radios have had a wave in most countries India included; among the many stations is Fever fm radio station.   Playing the right music, having movie reviews among other ratings makes the brand stand out from the rest. Fever 104 FM is believed to be among the best radio productions whose music one’s ears would want to listen now and more.  Its music is believed to be the best and thus communication through this venue is seen to be the best and have had a huge effect on the youths of the country, they say that it’s all about music!

Fever FM is an initiative of HT Media ltd whose working is done in partnership with Virgin Radio. Using the HT’s media strengths in India and Virgin Radio global expertise, the feature is applied to elevate the radio production to a world class aspect.

The idea of introducing audio podcasts and radio podcast is to entice the youths as they love such gadgets. Fever 104 FM is therefore widely recorded and recognized by youths as their channel of interest. In addition to offering the podcast features, the fm radio station also has branded itself with values such as bonding, urbane, witty and innovative. With all these programs, the youth’s needs are met across all the board and helps keep the station fresh with ideas and new to listen to everyday.

Broadcasting in four cities – Mumbai Delhi, Bengaluru and Kolkata, fever fm is an fm radio station whose interests work to cover the needs of all its clients. These services include audio podcasts, the latest Bollywood movie reviews, songs, videos, contests, lyrics, musical wallpapers among many others. To make the station stand out form the others, Fever 104 also includes fun where people win goodies by listening to the radio station’s music, identifying the radio RJ’s but with an overall vision of entertaining and educating. With all this services, is believed to cause a fever to the listeners (a fever caused by wanting to get more from the station.)

When looking for podcasts, Fever radio podcasts are the best! In addition to the normal and special operations, they do carry the radio stations popular shows, humor, interstitials, special on-air initiatives and other special features.  All this features are aimed at raising the listener’s curiosity, emotional lifts as well as feeding ones brain with the right knowledge.

Having the best presenters in addition to talented RJ’s has made fever fm earn a great spot in most youths radio listening habits. A stronger group of people also work behind the scene to ensure that audio podcast is done and achieves its target. The team has also dedicated staff that sees to it that the latest music videos are ranked according to the ratings given by listeners and the same is posted through radio podcast or done through audio podcast. Tune in now to anytime to get the music fever that you need.

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