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Ham radio can be considered a resource intensive hobby and hobbies can usually be somewhat technical. In anything that is technical, you will normally find plenty of manuals that are loaded with a chain of instructions on ‘how to’, specification charts, circuit diagrams and controls. Over the recent past decades, emergence of computers as well as the Internet has helped to provide you with cheap, quick access to an abundant resource bank that may previously have not been taken into account. Hence, you may now want to explore or give a thought to these resources.

Over a short period of time, many people have discovered several user groups on the Internet that provide a spot-on stream of wonderful information as well as help new relationships to form which they eventually continue to greatly value in time to come. To find a reasonably suitable user group that is equally relevant for your own ham radio quest, you can turn to social networks and search engines. Many people use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yahoo as well as Google to gain access to this information.

You can use your preferred search engine to search for specific ‘Google groups’. Once you get there, you can further research your particular topic. Some do it for their specific radio models. Repeat your search with ‘Yahoo groups’ as well as other search engines. Most of these groups usually require you to request permission for joining them. You can obtain this permission fairly quickly, maybe just a few hours to some days, depending on the moderator and the time devoted by him in moderating this group. You can also include a note regarding yourself and the reasons for your interest in joining the group, which will help in ensuring your approval.

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without any restrictions. Of course, you must strictly avoid obscenity, rude language, and abide by terms of socialhams. To cater for a wider ham radio community, all our features are offered in both English as well as German.


Yet, there is a far easier way for finding all these superb resources in one place. Simply join to and you can enjoy the unique experience.

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