What are some good study books for getting your tech class ham license?

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Question by svaske2: What are some good study books for getting your tech class ham license?
I live in the US and I’m interested in getting my tech license.

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Answer by william_byrnes2000
Welcome aboard, buddy.

I recommend the ARRL manuals. I had been off the air for a while and I’ve started going through my Extra Class manual to refresh my memory. I was looking at the ARRL website and they have new license manuals out now for the period from July 1, 2008 until 2012.

I will attach a link to the ARRL page and to the page for ordering material.

Right off the top, I would recommend the license manual. which is the first item on the second link.

I’d also look into the link for radio clubs in your area. The license exams are all administered by Volunteer examiners (my first General exam was taken at the Federal Building in Chicago, during the Chicago 7 trial, no less, talk about nerves!) so there’s a lot less tension. The radio clubs are usually the coordinators for these exams. They also run courses to help you over the rough patches.

And never overlook the value of having an “Elmer” to help you along. The term “Elmer” is fairly new, from my perspective, having been licensed since 1968 except for 4 years in college when girls took precedence, but the Elmer is basically someone who can help you with difficult concepts, and can help quiz you on the band allocations, and other things that seem to trip people up. The big change between then and now is that there is no code requirement for any Amateur license anymore. I’m an old CW man, so I still think code has its place, but I don’t resent any newcomers for not having to move through a process that many find difficult. I’ve met guys who know way more theory than I do, but the 5 WPM code just threw them.

Unfortunately, there are OT (old timers) who are not as eager to bring new people into the hobby as I am.

Good luck, and best wishes (or in CW abbreviations GUD LK Y 73s)


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