Amateur Radio Vanity Call Signs

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Applying for a Vanity Call Sign using the FCC ULS database.

A Vanity call sign is a special Amateur Radio call sign specifically
chosen by a person or club who is currently an Amateur Radio licensee
(similar in purpose to Vanity license plates on cars). Vanity call
signs usually include alphabetical characters of personal significance
(e.g., licensees initials, parts of names, hobbies, etc), or sometimes
are simply chosen because they are shorter calls, or sometimes they
have double or triple duplicate characters (e.g., N9EEE).
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This video presents the history of my ham radio (amateur radio) callsign, W2AEW. I've discovered that at least two amateurs have held W2AEW prior to me, and that at least 2 more have held the predecessor callsign, 2AEW. I've located QSL cards for the previous holders of W2AEW, but not for the older 2AEW licensees. I'm hoping someday to complete a collection of QSL cards from each of the previous license holders. Here is a link to a website that has great tips for researching old call signs:
Scans of more than 50 old callbooks can be found here:[]=subject%3A%22amateur%20radio%22