Ham Radio Basics – Making Your First Contact

It’s always nerve-racking for new ham radio operators learning ham radio basics. You’ve got your license and purchased your first radio; now you’re ready to make your first contact on ham radio repeaters. Don’t be too nervous, amateur radio is all about helping one another. There are plenty of great ham radio operators willing to help and answer your questions once you’re on the air!

I take you through making your first ham radio contact and explain what a repeater offset is.

Amateur Radio Callsigns Explained

Prospective hams and even new amateur radio operators experience a bit of confusion when it comes to call signs. There seems to be an endless variety and variability‚ and for some‚ they just don’t make any sense at all. But call signs are vital and once you are licensed they become your on air identity.

Amateur Radio Call Sign System:
Vanity Call Sign Program:

Is Amateur Radio Dead in 2020?

Is Ham Radio still a relevant hobby? Or, is Amateur Radio obsolete and dead now with the many different methods of communication available to us in 2019? In this video we explore how we can promote and reinvigorate our hobby.

Ham 101 Episode 7: Your Call Sign

Ham 101 is a series devoted to helping new hams get connected into the amateur radio hobby.
This episode discusses the significance of your call sign.
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