Your First Power Supply – Linear or Switching?

Are you trying to choose between a linear and switching power supply for a new radio? There are several other factors to consider beyond linear vs. switching. However, for this video I wanted to keep it focused so that anyone struggling would be able to answer the big question first.

Pictured in the video:
Astron 35m – The new version with powerpoles was just released. Looks great.

Ham Radio Beginner: Bands and Frequencies

In my new interest in ham radio (amateur radio) I have been focusing more on bands and subsequently frequencies. It is my hope to get a thorough understanding of the radio spectrum before I start looking at my station setup and its capabilities. Where do hams hang out on the radio and where can one communicate SSB vs CW? Well, that’s what I am learning about and touch briefly on in this little video. As per my previous video I am completely new to the entire spectrum so all advice, corrections, etc. much welcome! 🙂 Thanks!

Beginners Guide to CB Radios

In this video we discuss what you should buy and what you should know About CB radios. This is a beginners guide to CB radio.

CB Radios

An Introduction to Shortwave Radio

An Introduction to Shortwave Radio by Radiodog

Time to get back to basics! What is shortwave radio? Why should you care? In this video, I explore what SW radio is, particularly in relation to the other bands. As thoroughly non-technical and simple to understand as I can manage, I hope this video will help newcomers get a basic idea of what shortwave radio is, and why it’s fun to explore.

“It’s fun and magical!”

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