Beginners Guide to CB Radios

In this video we discuss what you should buy and what you should know About CB radios. This is a beginners guide to CB radio.

CB Radios

An Introduction to Shortwave Radio

An Introduction to Shortwave Radio by Radiodog

Time to get back to basics! What is shortwave radio? Why should you care? In this video, I explore what SW radio is, particularly in relation to the other bands. As thoroughly non-technical and simple to understand as I can manage, I hope this video will help newcomers get a basic idea of what shortwave radio is, and why it’s fun to explore.

“It’s fun and magical!”

Field Day Planning – Ham Radio Q&A

With the pandemic upon us this year‚ how will you be participating in the ARRl Field Day? In this video I outline my plans for the world’s largest operating event.

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Ham Radio Basics – Making Your First Contact

It’s always nerve-racking for new ham radio operators learning ham radio basics. You’ve got your license and purchased your first radio; now you’re ready to make your first contact on ham radio repeaters. Don’t be too nervous, amateur radio is all about helping one another. There are plenty of great ham radio operators willing to help and answer your questions once you’re on the air!

I take you through making your first ham radio contact and explain what a repeater offset is.

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