Does anyone have any Ham Radio tips?

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Question by Nancy W: Does anyone have any Ham Radio tips?
I just recently got my ham radio license,and I was wondering if any of you other amatuer operaters out there have any tips you could share with me involving transmitting and receiveng. Also, how can see which actual frequency I am on? I have a Yaesu Vx-3r.

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Answer by Daniel K
Nancy – Welcome to ham radio!

I don’t have too many specific tips other than to say you need to listen to some other hams as they talk on the radio first, then chime in with your callsign if you want to say hi or add to the conversation.

Learn your radio well – read the manual and play around with it.

Definitely get the ARRL repeater directory if you are in the USA:

It will tell you all the repeaters in your area. Program them in and then just scan them and listen. Have fun and make some friends!

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