HAM Radio Basics

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Many newcomers are either intimidated or confused by HAM/amateur radios. While there IS much to learn, this video is the start of a series that will answer all of your questions and get YOU licensed and on the air.


Mobile Radios are a great way to communicate locally (mounted in a fixed location). In the video, I talked about Cross-Band Repeat using the Kenwood TM-V71A and showed you the Comet GP-3 antenna. For fixed locations, you will also need a power supply.

When we work on big systems like this, we like to partner with a best in class vendor. In the case of HAM radio equipment, we work with GigaParts- http://www.gigaparts.com/

HF Communications lets you talk to the world. In this video you saw the Icom IC-7200..in Multicam of course. Although you can save quite a few bucks and get it in black. You will also need an antenna tuner, power supply, and an antenna.

The above video is a quick “how to” get into ham radios and I answer some common questions I get asked about ham radio a lot. This is only my opinion and it my not be the best way for you but if you have any questions I’ll try to answer them the best I can.
Here is a link to the ARRL’s web site for info on getting your license