Ham Radio Power Supply

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New toy for my ham radio TekPower TP30SWII

TekPower TP30SWII 30 Amp DC 13.8V Analog Switching Power Supply with Noise Offset I am so pleased with this. I have been running it at full power for about 4 hours no fluctuations at all.



Product Description

TekPower TP30SWII 30 Amp DC 13.8V Switching Power Supply with Noise Offset The TekPower TP30SWII is an analog professional DC power supply for powering many devices such as Ham/CB radio and amplifiers. It is a highly stable, fused, high quality switching power supply with 13.8V fixed, 9-15V adjustable DC power output, and 30A max current. It has a main DC output on the back of the unit, a cigar socket, and a snap in output on the front. It has excellent line and load regulation, low ripple and noise.

It is designed to minimize switching noise specifically for communication uses. When there is noise, you can use the noise offset knob to eliminate it. It has many safety protection such as overheat and short circuit protection. It comes with basic 1 Year USA warranty.


Input Power: 110V AC 60Hz
Output: DC 13.8V, 9-15V adjustable, 30A(Max)
Cigarette Plug: 10A max
Snap in output: 30A max
Ripple voltage: less than 80mVp-p at rated load
Fuse: 110V, 8A
Dimensions: 7.5 X 2.8 X 7.5 inches


Took apart an old computer to utilize the power supply built in which is rated at 12 volts and 18 amps. After looking around at power supplies I realized that they're just way too expensive right now for me to afford so this was an alternative for clean power and so far it's working really well. Please watch the video and tell me what you think, enjoy.

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