Ham Radio Repeaters Explained | Ham Radio Basics

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Amateur Radio Repeaters can be complicated beasts, but we’re here to demystify them! How do those ham repeaters work? What about all the equipment and how it all fits together?

We’ll discuss:
– How a repeater works, Inputs/Outputs, CTCSS, roger beeps, tails, transmitters, receivers
– Controllers, Duplexers, Coaxes, Antennas, power supplies (solar and what to think of)
– Linking (RF & VOIP)
– Duplex noise & how to cure it
– Effective sensitivity testing, intermod, isolators
– Simulcasting and Voting
+ MORE if we have time!

Repeater Basics Ham Radio Part 1

And, here is a quick “How to” on basic repeater operation that a Ham radio operator will find commonly in 2 meter and 440 operations.