How do weekly amateur radio nets work?

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Question by carl w: How do weekly amateur radio nets work?
Im new to HAM radio, and Im trying to start some conversations/get involved with clubs and stuff. What is the procedure when listening to a “net”. for example, there is one tonight in my area at 8pm. when i listen to the proper freqency, what will i be required to do? What is the process? What are the rules as to who talks when? etc.


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Answer by Daniel K
Carl – It is really easy. Just sign in when they call for sign ins. Listen to a few others do it before you sign in. You may just need to say your call but maybe a location and name too.

After everyone signs in, they may do a “roundtable” where everyone speaks in turn. They will tell you what to do. If the club has a website, you may try to e-mail the moderator of the net ahead of time to ask questions.

They are a friendly bunch so you’ll probably feel welcome right away even if you don’t do everything perfect.

Have fun!

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