How to Run The SDR Virtual Ham Radio — Listen to Ham Radio Online

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I go into detail on how to set up the web sdr radio for those who have never heard of it. ( )

If you would like to get into ham radio, this might be something you would be interested in. It is easier than ever to get licensed now since the Morse code test is no longer required. I think they dropped the cw requirement in 2013 or 2014. I had to learn Morse code when I got my license but I never use it.

Check it out you might learn something new! You might have to get use to hearing some static noise, especially in the spring and summer months. That is due to storms which the antenna’s pick up along with the signals. That is just part of ham radio. Watch out you might get bitten by the ham bug .

It was another late night back in the shack of M0YKS. The family are all tucked up cozy in bed, fast asleep, as I listen up and down the HF & LF bands in the hope of hearing some rare and distant stations.

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