morse code and ham radio?

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Question by 1992dodge: morse code and ham radio?
Ok I have been studying morse code from a cd. But now I want to get a radio and start. I want to know some pointers and what to look into when it comes to the equipment. What should I get and what channels should I focus on. I have a IC-208h now. I like the idea of DXing also. Two things though; I don’t have $ 10,000 to spend and depending of the size of antenna, if it’s to big it will be portable from field to field.
I’m a general, and about the code practice oscillator, I made my own. I’m getting pretty good at it. I plan on getting my extra in a few months. Thanks a lot for the help.

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Answer by derek t
Hi and good for you to study the code. I`m not a code guy but I know you don`t need to spend a bundle on a radio .Even a new HF rig can be got for under a grand (mobile)or approx. 2 grand for a base station. Or good used radios can be gotten for 500 or so and they all cover most bands.If they are less than 15 yrs or so they should have many code features built in such as filters orkey-erer circuits for paddles.If you get an older or basic rig you may need to get a separate key-er unit etc.A good source of help is a local Ham club some of which have club radios to use or borrow or members who have used equipment.E-ham net has good info or do a search for Elmers.20m is a good band 40m as well dipoles for these bands a pretty manageable or a vertical wouldn`t take any space.I hope I`m not being too generic or patronizing. There are so many opinions on equipment some love Yeasu some Kenwoods I like my Icom IC-765 old as it is. I wouldn`t sweat the details TOO much just look around for a bargain or maybe visit a Field day which is this weekend. Boy that was long winded Good luck. W1WWW

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