Q&A: How to get started with HAM radios?

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Question by WriterMom: How to get started with HAM radios?
I’d love to get my son started with HAM radios. Can anyone tell me more about them, a good price for everything, what to look for etc.

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Answer by gearbox1
It depends on what you want to know about them… It does require a license that he has to study for a take a test for. basically all the questions and answers are published all over the internet, it just a case of memorizing say 500 Q and A for the 35 actual ones they will use.

Depending upon how far he wants to go in ham radio, Most people start with basics talking local on VHF/UHF using a technician license. This is a basic license and a way to get his feet wet. Local is roughly say 30 mile radius of home.

As he moves up, he can get a general or Extra class license that allows for talking all over the world. I have friends who have talked to more than 200 countries and have friends in some others due to this fact.

Your best bet may be to actually check out the website of the national organization for ham radio in your area.
In the US check out http://www.arrl.org as they can answer your questions way more than I can.

Basic starting for ham radio is roughly $ 200 for a hand held radio (that will talk locally using repeaters …or his radio will be relayed by another radio over a bigger distance)…. But new price to talk over the world is closer to say $ 1000.. but a lot of hams buy older equipment to make the cost a lot less expensive.

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