Want to get started with HAM Radio.?

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Question by Ryan S.: Want to get started with HAM Radio.?
I’m looking to hook up my SUV with a Mobile HAM Radio (If that’s possible) as well as a HAM Radio in my home without the large antenna array that I see with so many HAM Radio Operators. I’m just looking for something small that I can monitor local radio frequencies and something I can use in my car in times of emergencies like Severe Weather & Natural Disasters.

Any suggestions on where to start? I know nothing about HAM Radio Operations.
All answers are great, however I am looking for a listing of actual products by name & model.
I know I need to be licensed, but I am looking into equipment for a mobile platform in my SUV. Suggestions?

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Answer by Botsy
I’m sure that somewhere near you is a store that sells ham gear, and also some ham radio clubs, so contact one of them for details, like classes and testing.
There are many types of ham radio licenses, “novice, tech, general and up from there”
I think that no code is required for most anymore, which is a shame, as CW will get through when voice communications wil not, and with less power.
You can get any number of mobile radio frequencies for your vehicle, depending on license class.
Your ability to use many frequencies will also depend on your antenna’s and the type of antenna tuner.

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