What do you need to get started in ham radio?

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Question by Matt: What do you need to get started in ham radio?
I’ve been interested in getting into ham radio for a while, I mean I’ve heard some pretty cool stuff about it, from listening to astronauts to talking to people in Australia. How much money should I expect to spend on equipment and permits? I mean will something inexpensive such as this: http://www.westcoastmall.net/connex-ham-transceiver/1598/p perform well? Also any age ristrictions on permits (I’m 15)? Any recomended reading material apreshiated as well. Thanks in advance.

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Answer by droopydog
You will need to study and take a test to be certified, I believe, A friend growing up was a ham operator and he was younger than 15.
More power & bigger antenna is better…. more & better = more expensive, maybe E-bay?
Seems like a great hobby, good luck!

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